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Oct. 5th, 2008 | 07:20 pm
location: The couch
mood: restlessrestless
music: King of the Hill

So, it's a Sunday night and I'm sipping wine, waiting for some awesome snack food to be ready, and browsing the internet.  Why isn't this as good as it sounds?

Because point one; I hate wine.  I keep trying to appreciate it, but every single time I take a sip, I involuntarily shudder.  This happens on every occasion I try it.  I visibly, embarrassingly, shudder at the taste.  It's awful.  Now, if I had some Jack and Coke?  Then tonight would be perfect (if we're ignoring the fact that I'm underaged and drinking alone).  Point two; I need to stop eating like shit.  But, fuck it, one week won't hurt me and I don't think getting back on track is going to be very hard for me.

On some notes that are even more bitter than this Argentinian wine; I still have no bedroom, and no job.  Sharing a room and sleeping on the couch is extremely impractical and isn't helping in getting me stable.  Ah well.

On a sweet note, I have two job interviews this week.  One I really want, and another I hope I get rejected from.  I am also no longer contemplating taking my life, so fuck yeah.  Things aren't all bad.

I have many many more books to list, but I'll have to go through the library and find them all so I don't have to make separate posts or update.

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